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How Estate
Services Work

How do I know if I need to have an Estate Sale in Orange County?

This can be a difficult question to answer, but generally, if you have a substantial quantity of quality items to sell, then an Estate Sale is your best choice. Perhaps you have lost a family member or moved them to a care facility, maybe you are downsizing a residence or experiencing a divorce….a professionally planned Estate Sale will generate more profit for you than selling all of the contents to one buyer and certainly without the work and effort of a "Do It Yourself” sale"

We generally hold a 2 to 3 day sale, depending on the amount of items and size of the estate. The last day of the sale is our “crazy” discount day. We will then coordinate with you as to the remaining items and how you want us to deal with them, there are several options. We can leave your property “broom-clean to the floor” or leave it in the post-sale condition, if you prefer to deal with the remaining contents yourself.

Do I need to clean up before you come to evaluate the Estate?

PLEASE do us both a favor & "leave it alone". Be sure NOT to clean, throw out, sort, or rid the house of ANYTHING prior to calling an estate sale professional to empty the house. Too many times your idea of "cleaning" is an estate liquidator's idea of stripping and possibly of ruining the chance of a virgin estate to the public. You never know what someone might buy….even the smallest things can be exactly what someone was looking for! We are experienced set-up professionals, we'll decide what needs to be thrown away. We will sort, clean, organize, design placement and stage your sale for maximum profits. There is no need to burden yourself with cleaning up & organizing before we come. We've seen it all and it's OK. However, the items you choose to keep or pass onto the family should be removed prior to your evaluation, not after. Also all personal papers, documents and family photos should also be removed before we begin.
Remember do not throw anything out!

Do I have to have antiques to have an Estate Sale?

There are MANY estate sales where there are few, if any, collectibles or antiques and they still do well with the end net worth. The fact is, if an item is needed for day to day living, it can be sold at a profit above donating, giving or throwing into a landfill. There is no reason to ignore items of worth simply because they are not new or what you might consider everyday items. You never know what will interest someone!

What if there are items I would like to have from the Estate?

We encourage families to take those items that have sentimental value to them before we assess the home. Once we have contracted with you for an Estate Sale, unless previously agreed, we ask that nothing be removed since the contract is based on the REMAINING contents of the estate when our assessment is made. If it is helpful and there is room, many times we can use an extra bedroom as an “off limits” storage area for the owners if all items are not vacated beforehand.

How far in advance do I need to schedule my estate sale?

Generally, when the sale is contracted with ORANGE COAST estate sales services the sale can occur within a few weeks depending on the number of other commitments which may already be scheduled. We will work with you to fit into both our schedules.

How long does the preparation and the estate sale actually take?

This really depends on the contents and condition of the home. If you have a FULL house, garage and garden, inside & out, it could take a while. If your Estate is on the smaller side we need approximately seven days from start up to finish to set up, price, advertise and conduct the sale. We understand that there are times that the sale needs to happen more quickly and we do our best to accommodate such instances.

What if I change my mind and decide not to follow through with the estate sale?

This rarely happens because by the time the family has contacted us, they have spent a great deal of time contemplating their options. However, if the sale must be cancelled, we charge for the time and expenses incurred by ORANGE COAST ESTATE SALES up to the cancellation of the sale.

In what areas does your company conduct sales?

ORANGE COAST ESTATE SALES provides services for all of Orange County in California.

Does your company provide internet advertising?

Our clients & customers are able to look at aproximately 100 preview pictures posted by our company on all of the major estate sale listing sites prior to the sale. These listings are accompanied by 100 detailed colorful pictures all posted in the week before the sale date. This way they have a good idea of what’s available before they arrive.  In addition to the major online estate sale listing services we have a personal email subcriber list of over 2000 followers and returning shoppers aquired over the past 10 years.


ORANGE COAST ESTATE SALES receives a percentage of the sale gross, plus labor. We cover the ”up front” costs for the sale and will then be reimbursed from the sale proceeds. Our commission and charges vary from sale to sale and house to house.


We carefully go over the contract with you to ensure there is no confusion concerning our services or payment. ORANGE COAST ESTATE SALES believes that having a qualified estate sale representative is the best way to have a profitable sale. We know the fair market pricing of the items we sell and this ensures you have a great sale!

How will I know what sold and for how much?

Within a few weeks time following your sale, we will provide an inventory of items sold. You will get a final settlement accounting containing both the major and minor purchases, all costs, labor hours involved, advertising materials and receipts and any special item that may pertain to your sale.


*Most sales take place over a TWO OR THREE DAY period.

*Set up can be from 4 days to one week prior to actual sales days.

*Included is all organizing, cleaning and professional displaying of household contents for sale.

*We will provide all shelving, tables, and display items neccessary for the sale.

*Researching, inspecting, evaluating and pricing each item.

*Our excellent reputation, service and many years in the industry, brings hundreds of qualified buyers to your sale.

*Our friendly staff members help sell your Estate Items by "working" the floor and encouraging sales.

*We do not do pre-sales, which assures dealers and collectors they are getting a true “first look.”

*We work with an “early bird” sign-in sheet, allowing for a first come, first served basis for those waiting in line at the door.

*Advertising and promotion of the sale including website postings with photos,,,, Craigslist, our home website, email notices to 100’s of subscribers and outdoor signage the day of the sale.